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White Bear Lake Bears


MGR: Paul Johnson
Price Field

HR: RH-8; LH-6

INF: RH-8 LH-6

2025 DRAFT



(Team known as Portland Expos 2003-2006; Arizona Democrats 2007, Ladner Alouettes 2008-2021)
Seasons: 18
Record: 1124-1306 (.467)
Playoffs: 9
World Series: 0
Championships: 0
MVPs: 0
Cy Young: Cris Carpenter (2011)
Rookie of the Year:
Playoff MVPs: 0


Bio: Paul Johnson
Hometown: White Bear Lake, MN
Profession: Pastor at Ridgewood Church in the Twin Cities area
College: Bethel College, with Masters and Doctorate work at Phoenix Seminary
Family: Married to Wendi. Five children ranging from 11 years to 30 years old
Favorite Teams: Baseball: Diamondbacks, Football: Seahawks, College anything: Arizona Wildcats
Highest Athletic Achievement: Bench warmer for high school soccer team
Best Game Attended: 1987 World Series game 7 with my friend Davey!
Favorite Food: Steak and/or Pizza
Favorite MLB Ballpark: Love Safeco Field, but Target Field is a gem too.
Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Musical Performer: Cher
Why I love PGB: It gives me a chance to stay in touch with friends, with baseball, and it is fun to compete at some level.

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