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Fairburn Knights


MGR: Jeff Burkett
Fairburn Field
HR: RH-11; LH-10
INF: RH-8 LH-8

2025 DRAFT

R3: ---


(Team was known as Manassas Redskins from 2003-2019)

Seasons: 18
Record: 1265-1651 (.434)
Playoffs: 4
World Series: 1
Championships: 2008
MVPs: 0
Cy Young: 0
Rookie of the Year: 0
Playoff MVPs: Justin Morneau (2008)

Bio: Jeff Burkett
: Fairburn, Georgia
Profession: Warehouse Manager for Martin Brower
College: none but Six Sigma certified
Family: Married with 3 children
Favorite Teams: Washington Redskins, Nationals, Capitals
Highest Athletic Achievement: none. Haha
Best Game Attended: December 2, 1996. The last game at RFK Stadium when the Redskins beat the Dallas. 37-10
Favorite Food: pizza and more pizza
Favorite MLB Ballpark: Nats Stadium but I did love Fenway Park in Boston and old Yankee Stadium
Favorite Movie: Country
Favorite Musical Performer: Metallica in my younger days. I was able to watch a show from the stage when I met them
Why I love PGB: I love taking baseball and stats.

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