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Branson Baldknobbers


MGR: Jeff Swenson

Dick’s Old Time Ballpark
HR: RH-12; LH-10
INF: RH-4; LH-5

2025 DRAFT

R3: ---


Seasons: 18
Record: 1459-1457 (.501)
Playoffs: 8
World Series: 3
Championships: 2007
MVPs: Albert Pujols (2005, 2006), Manny Ramirez (2009)
Cy Young: 0
Rookie of the Year: Rodrigo Lopez (2003)
Playoff MVPs: Albert Pujols (2007)


Bio: Jeff Swenson

Hometown: White Bear Lake, MN
Profession: Still looking
College: Bethel University BA, MA
Family: 1 son 1 daughter
Favorite Teams: Twins
Highest Athletic Achievement: Year out of high school some buddies and I joined a rec broomball league. We made it to the state championship game and lost 1-0. I was the goalie. The ref was friends with the other team, laughing and joking with them before the game and at the intermission (even during the game). Late in the game an opposing player knocked the broom out of a teammates hands. Another teammate picked it up and tossed it back to him. The ref called a penalty, sent them both off saying they were both holding the broom at the same time (What!). I was scored on down two players. Where is instant replay when you need it!
Best Game Attended: HHH Metrodome. Twins vs Angels. 9th inning roof was coming down during violent storm.
Favorite Food: Good Pizza (not Michaels)
Favorite MLB Ballpark: Metropolitan Stadium (great memories there, Twins, Vikings, Kicks)
Favorite Movie: Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Amistad
Favorite Musical Performer: Bruce Cockburn. Saw Bonnie Raitt and was blown away.
Why I love PGB: Podcast

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