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Gnawbone Doves


MGR: Tom Tingblad
Mandalay Bay Stadium
HR: RH-8; LH-8
INF: RH-8 LH-8

2025 DRAFT

R3: ---


Seasons: 18
Record: 1384-1532 (.475)
Playoffs: 5
World Series: 1
Championships: 2004
MVPs: 0
Cy Young: 0
Rookie of the Year: 0
Manager of the Year: John VanderWal (2004)


Bio: Tom “Sparky” Tingblad
Hometown: St. Cloud, MN
Profession: Owner of the Wild Bird Center- Waite Park, MN
College: St. Cloud State University
Family: Married with 2 adult children
Favorite Teams: MN Teams
Highest Athletic Achievement: Placed 6th in State in 7th grade on the Chess Board
Best Game Attended: Wolves Playoff Game
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite MLB Ballpark: Target Feld
Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams
Favorite Musical Performer: Mark Schultz
Why I love PGB: Fun to build your own team and all the guys in the league.

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