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Casper Giants


MGR: David Meyer
Fairgrounds Coliseum
HR: RH-1; LH-9
INF: RH-1 LH-9

2025 DRAFT

R3: ---


Seasons: 18
Record: 1673-1243 (.574)
Playoffs: 14
World Series: 4
Championships: 2003, 2011
MVPs: 0
Cy Young: Pedro Martinez (2003), CC Sabathia (2009), Yovani Gallardo (2013)
Rookie of the Year: Robinson Cano (2006)
Playoff MVPs: Pedro Martinez (2003), Ubaldo Jiminez (2011)


Bio: David Meyer
: Mound, Minnesota
Profession: Art Director
College: College of Visual Arts
Family: Married with children
Favorite Teams: MN United FC
Highest Athletic Achievement: Drilled 3-run walk-off HR in a 6-5 win playing youth baseball although I did hit the fairway on 3 straight drives in the rain-soaked 2017 Glorybound golf tourney.
Best Game Attended: October 1977-NCAA Football; unranked Minnesota 16, #1 Michigan 0
Favorite Food: Pizza, duh.
Favorite MLB Ballpark: Kaufmann
Favorite Movies: To Kill a Mockingbird, The King’s Speech
Favorite Music: Anything jazz
Why I love PGB: PGB is the ultimate absurd amusement.

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