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98. Michael's Pizza

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Classification: Traditional

Location: West St.Paul, Minnesota

Click the photo to link to Michael's website and it will show you one of their classic thin-crust pies right BEFORE it goes into the oven. Swen and I visited Michael's Pizza in June 2016 and left confused and with some hurt feelings by both the overly aggressive baking technique and unusually dark and neglected dining room, which could be best described as "a friend of a friend's family room in the basement in 1974. Completely smothered in faux-woodgrain paneling and liberal usage of naugahyde, it's the kind of place that was similar to your own basement, but with a much higher chance of misdemeanor crime. I think the AC wasn't operating properly, so the staff (courteous, but only marginally interested in patron wellness) compensated by leaving all the lights off with cracked the windows, generating an irritating, humid breeze. The room temperature inside was unforgiving, even turning the soda fountain into a room temp liquid dispensary. Strangely, we were the only in-store customers that evening. As we bear in mind the first sentence at the very top of the page, this was still must rank of our favorite meals. (1 of 10 stars)

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