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76. Heggie's

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Classification: Convenience

With the dearth of sports happening around the globe, the StarTribune, the local fishwrap, is publishing a sweet-16 bracketed tournament of local frozen pizzas to try and recreate the zaniness that typically comes with March Madness, with readers voting on their favorites to advance to the next round. I haven't voted, or even followed particularly closely other than stumbling across the below-the-fold headlines once the weekly winners are announced, but the timing of the feature has proven to be somewhat coincidental. In the StarTribune finale, they're pitted against Sven & Ole's, which I confess to never sampling, although that might have to change. But since big media is usurping the limelight, I'll have to steal a little of their thunder by honoring Heggie's in a Golden Globes sort of way, by presenting the #Pizza100 Honorable Mention Award earlier.

About Heggie's: it's the best frozen pizza, and even my entry-level baking skills can't screw it up. There's really no other criteria. It's not particularly cheap—normally running about $8-9 a pop, but it's a solid performer that hangs in there with a lot of pizzerias.

I actually came to this dance pretty late, after hearing about it for many years, and I have never been disappointed. My first try was several years ago on a night when supper options were limited. In a what-the-hey moment, I decided to follow the other pizza sheep and give it a shot, and now it's the gold standard. Usually, when it's pizza night, I have my tried-and-true traditional pizzas on speed-dial, but if something is amiss, inconvenient, or if I only have $9 in my pocket (it happens) I know I can score a Heggie's at my local superette in about 90 seconds, and that is a powerful weapon in the old dinner-holster. Also, it's pretty easy to frame Heggie's with a "Hey, honey, let me give you the night off—I'll handle dinner" elegance to it. Wildly popular in restaurants and bars throughout lake country, it's northern Minnesota-made and I'm not really sure if it's available much beyond the Midwest, but give it a try when you get the chance. You're welcome. (7 of 10 stars)

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