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100. Logan International Airport

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Classification: Convenience

Location: Billings, Montana

First of all, let's not confuse this with Logan Airport in Boston—this was a completely different galaxy in the universe of air travel. And I'm going to categorize this as a Convenience pizza, but only because there's no emergency designation, which as we all know is a very real thing. After traveling most of the day to make a late afternoon flight home, and cutting it closer than it should have been, dining options in mid-Montana were alarmingly limited, and compromises seemed inevitable as the day grew longer. Even a principled guy's gotta eat, right? So I went into this venture with eyes wide open, armed with a full and complete understanding that anything emerging from beneath the merciless and relentless heat lamp in a rotisserie in a semi-rural airport snack bar has to be viewed through a fairly forgiving lens. In this sense, it did not disappoint. From the awkward fit onto the utilitarian non-biodegradable service plate to the Wild West ruggedness embodied by its tough and chewy hide, this was a Theodore Roosevelt-inspired feast for the senses—a hastily eaten slice of the Roughrider Special, prepared by the leathered hands of the sons and daughters of real High Plains ranchers, and I'm a stronger man for having endured it. (3 of 10 stars)

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Jan 20, 2020

It’s coming very soon.


Jan 19, 2020

Can't help but wonder where those two pizzas we brought back to the house at GoCon19 are gonna rank because they were straight awful

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