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100. Logan International Airport

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Classification: Convenience

Location: Billings, Montana

First of all, let's not confuse this with Logan Airport in Boston—this was a completely different galaxy in the universe of air travel. And I'm going to categorize this as a Convenience pizza, but only because there's no emergency designation, which as we all know is a very real thing. After traveling most of the day to make a late afternoon flight home, and cutting it closer than it should have been, dining options in mid-Montana were alarmingly limited, and compromises seemed inevitable as the day grew longer. Even a principled guy's gotta eat, right? So I went into this venture with eyes wide open, armed with a full and complete understanding that anything emerging from beneath the merciless and relentless heat lamp in a rotisserie in a semi-rural airport snack bar has to be viewed through a fairly forgiving lens. In this sense, it did not disappoint. From the awkward fit onto the utilitarian non-biodegradable service plate to the Wild West ruggedness embodied by its tough and chewy hide, this was a Theodore Roosevelt-inspired feast for the senses—a hastily eaten slice of the Roughrider Special, prepared by the leathered hands of the sons and daughters of real High Plains ranchers, and I'm a stronger man for having endured it. (3 of 10 stars)

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