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Dec 16, 2022
In PGB Forum
The d-ratings finally came out, and like every other December, many Groundouts will rightfully lament all of the injustices that Hal & the Glen Head Posse have cast upon their team. It's a time-honored tradition going back to the earliest days of Strat, and well...this year will surely be no different. But let's try and view this through the unflinching and analytical lens of Chad Boysen and his Rochester Redbirds. I'm not suggesting that anyone pity the poor and desolate 109-game winning defending champions, and he probably wouldn't ask for anyone's mercy, but next time you feel like kicking the dog on Ratings Day, stop for a moment and think of our poor, forlorn friend Chad: RCH transactions in the last year: Julio Mateo (now a 1 at ss) TRADED Bradley Zimmer (1 in CF) RELEASED Ryan McMahon (1 at 3B) TRADED Jose Siri (1 in CF) TRADED Victor Robles (1 in CF) LOST IN R5 Obviously, these players aren't all necessarily world-beaters, and none of these sensible transactions are particularly worthy of additional scrutiny. But please, never dwell on your small and petty misfortunes and instead remember that with a little more fortuity, Rochester may have won 145 games in 2023.


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