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42. Broadway Pizza

Classification: Traditional

Location: Minneapolis Riverfront

One of the many joys of parenting is when a young child makes a good choice. It could be something noble, like helping a stranger in a time of need, or a smaller sacrifice—like letting somebody else take the biggest slice of cake at a birthday party. In either case, and countless other similar situations, there comes a small but powerful affirmation that the tough lessons are actually connecting, despite all the highly questionable parenting techniques and general lack of awareness of things related to child wellness. In the world of pizza, now is such a time.

I have (very) loosely planned out the remainder of Pizza100, and Broadway Pizza Northeast would have ranked somewhere near the Top Ten, not only for its quality and consistency, but for its firmly entrenched place in PGB folklore. They have provided us with kindness and great service during the recording a podcast. They’ve graciously hosted the PGB World Series (@#$%&!!!! Mark Hendrickson!) And it was the epicenter of the second-ever GoCon in 2010, where a group of ten Groundouts enjoyed their fare before heading a few blocks over to Target Field for a ballgame.

So why the seemingly low ranking? Well, it has more to do with the news cycle, as it was announced recently that the owners are selling the site to develop low-income and mixed-use housing units on their valuable riverfront property. They say they’ll scout the surrounding area for a suitable location to re-build, but it will probably be more similar to their other remote locations, which we’ll be covering later on in the series. So thank you Broadway, for being a friend of the Polo Grounds and a great neighbor. (8 of 10 stars)

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