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46. Costco Food Court

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Classification: Convenience

Location: Yourtown USA

Motive. Means. Opportunity. These are often viewed as the pillars of reason when making the determination whether to try a new pizza. Let's break down those pillars individually and see how Costco pizza fares:

1. Motive. This is never an issue for me, but it can grow definitely grow stronger when I know I can be enjoying a slice in just a few minutes. Pizza is always an appropriate solution, so motive is a constant presence for most of us.

2. Means. The pricing structure has shifted slightly over the years, but a Costco slice remains a bargain. Squint at the stock photo above and you'll see a slice large enough to cover your head. Yes, I understand the foreshortened angle makes it look even more pronounced, but it's clearly a generous wedge, and at the current price of $1.50, it's pretty easy on the wallet.

3. Opportunity. Wherever you live in North America, there is a Costco nearby. My commute home takes me within a half-mile of Costco five times during a normal work week, and opportunity arrives with even greater frequency when carpooling with my wife, who's not bashful about recommending easy-to-prepare dinner options. In this scenario, we're both winners.

And a Costco review would be incomplete without mentioning the food court decor. Some folks watch oddball TV shows like 600-Pound Housewives of Atlanta or The People's Court: Naked, but my guilty pleasure is keenly observing Costco customers with hollowed expressions stroll past with shopping carts filled with eye-popping quantities of items not normally purchased in bulk. For me, this experience transforms the cold, uncaring and overpainted molded concrete patio slabs into a Kirkland Garden of Eden. It serves as an inspiring example of brutalist architecture, and is probably the least comfortable place on the planet to dine, and yet I would change nothing about it. My favorite spot is near the trash bin.

But about the actual product: it's really pretty decent. I'm probably over-sharing here, but it's important to know that the cheese distribution is so voluminous that I can actually hear the cheese squeak as I chew. It's become the only place I can recall where I deviate away from my topping norms. It's not elite pizza, but Costco delivers satisfaction every time. (8 of 10 stars)

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